Enterprise Large Language Model Solutions
Automate and Optimize Business Processes with the LongAI Platform
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LongAI builds customized Large Language Model (LLM) solutions connected to the company’s internal knowledge and data, securely hosted, and compliant with the latest local regulations.

How do we build our solution

  • Seamless Integration - Embed your customer data effortlessly.
  • Multi-Agent Controls - Superior governance for LLM functions.
  • Tailored Solutions - Exclusive LLM functionalities customized to perfection.
  • Open Source & Private - Choose your LLM configuration.
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Who are we

LongAI is a leading generative AI startup in the APAC region with a vision to empower multinational companies to harness the efficiency gains of generative AI in a secure and privacy-compliant way.

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Shaping the Future of Enterprise AI
Generative AI will fundamentally change pretty much every step of digital value creation across all industries. The question is not if but when companies will start using the technology.
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